Business / Construction / Siding: The finished exterior covering of the outside walls of a frame building.


Technology / Motorcycle / Lowsiding: Lowsiding occurs when a motorcycle falls over and drops the rider to the ground. Some riders have been known to deliberately drop their bikes to avoid an accident. This is usually a bad idea since fal MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Highsiding: Highsiding occurs when the rider of a motorcycle is flipped over the handlebars of the bike. This most often occurs when the rider locks the rear brakes during a panic stop and then releases the brake MORE

Rake Siding

Business / Construction / Rake Siding: The practice of installing lap siding diagonally MORE

Siding, (Lap Siding)

Business / Construction / Siding, (Lap Siding): Slightly wedge-shaped boards used as horizontal siding in a lapped pattern over the exterior sheathing. Varies in butt thickness from ?? to ?? inch and in widths up to 12'. MORE

Shingles, Siding

Business / Construction / Shingles, Siding: Various kinds of shingles, used over sheathing for exterior wall covering of a structure. MORE

Mendicant Orders

Entertainment / Literature / Mendicant Orders: Orders of wandering monks who lived by begging. In the Middle Ages, the clergy was divided into secular clergy and regular clergy. The secular (i.e., 'worldly') clergy dealt with secular concerns such MORE