Business / Construction / Sleeper: Usually, a wood member embedded in concrete, as in a floor, that serves to support and to fasten the subfloor or flooring.

High Price

Business / Finance / High Price: High-priced and highly speculative stock that moves up and down sharply over a short period. Generally glamorous in nature due to the capital gains potential associated with them; also used to describ MORE

Third-Year Wide Receiver

Entertainment / Fantasy Football / Third-Year Wide Receiver: Much like Harold Carmichael, Santana Moss and Steve Smith (to name a few), some receivers fail to make an impact until their third NFL season. Third-year receivers are great candidates to be 'sleepers MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Cousin: Usually the term used to describe the anchor player on a team that had a chance to stick a teammate with a beer frame, but did not strike. The anchor is said to be a cousin of the other player. Also, MORE