Business / Construction / Spacing: The distance between individual members or shingles in building construction.

Spacing Bracket

Entertainment / Photography / Spacing Bracket: Device used to position the camera at the right distance from the subject for the lens focus setting in closeup work. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Shims: Very thin sheets of metal made in precise thickness and used between parts to obtain desired spacing. Sometimes they are laminated, to be pulled off to the desired depth. MORE

2-Second Rule

Technology / Motorcycle / 2-Second Rule: The 2-Second Rule is the minimum spacing in seconds between moving motorcycles. While in formation, maintain a 2-second interval from the rider in front of you. Measure the time by counting 'one-thous MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Marguerite: Reported to be a Post Oak 2 x Herbemont cross suitable for winemaking. Claimed to have high resistance to Pierce's Disease in Texas - ten years infection free. Reported to be shy bearer on short arms, MORE

Dividing Head

Business / Machine Shop / Dividing Head: A machine tool holding fixture which positions the work for accurately spacing holes slots flutes and gear teeth and for making geometric shapes. When geared to the table leadscrew, it can be used for MORE

Edge Waves

Science / Tides and Currents / Edge Waves: Waves moving between zones of high and low breakers along the shoreline. Edge waves contribute to changes in water level along the shore face which helps to control the spacing of rip currents. See lo MORE