Business / Construction / Span: The clear distance that a framing member carries a load without support between structural supports. The horizontal distance from eaves to eaves.

Other Words for Span

Span Noun Synonyms: bridge, link, stretch, overpass, flyover
Span Verb Synonyms: cross, stretch over, reach over, extend over, go over, bridge

Black Spanish

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Black Spanish: Has several synonym names including Burgundy, Jacquez, Lenoir and Blue French. N.B:The latter name not to be confused with the same synonym for the V.vinifera Blaufrankisch variety. The named cultivar MORE

Span Of Control

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Span Of Control: A management principle expressing that a limit exists to the number of people an individual can effectively and successfully manage. MORE

Spanish Roast

Life Style / Coffee / Spanish Roast: Terms for coffee brought to degrees of roast considerably darker than the American norm: may range in color from dark brown (see Espresso Roast) to nearly black (see Dark French Roast) and in flavor f MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Spanna: Alternate local name for the Nebbiolo grape grown in the Piedmont district of Vercelli in Italy. MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Spank: To hit a groundstroke flat with a lot of pace. MORE

Half Course

Life Style / College / Half Course: A course spanning over one semester as opposed to a Full Course (course taken over two semesters). MORE