Business / Construction / Stops: Moldings along the inner edges of a door or window frame. Also valves used to shut off water to a fixture.

T Stops

Entertainment / Photography / T Stops: More accurate measurement of light entering a lens than 'f' numbers. Whereas 'f' numbers represent the ratio between measured diameter and focal length, 't' stops are based on actual light transmissio MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Click-Stops: Lens aperture controls using a series of bearings that click audibly into place at each numbered setting. MORE

Gather In The Stops

Business / Finance / Gather In The Stops: A model widely used to price foreign currency options. MORE


Technology / Computers / Opacity: The quality that defines how much light passes through an object’s pixels. If an object is 100 percent opaque, no light passes through it. MORE

AF Lock

Entertainment / Photography / AF Lock: Stops autofocus operation once the subject is in focus. Useful when shooting a subject outside the focus area in the viewfinder. The photographer should first lock the focus with the subject inside th MORE

Intensity Scale

Entertainment / Photography / Intensity Scale: Exposure scale in which the time of exposure remains constant but the intensity of light increases in regular stops. MORE