Business / Construction / Stud: A vertical wood framing member, also referred to as a wall stud, attached to the horizontal sole plate below and the top plate above. Normally 2 X 4's or 2 X 6's, 8' long (sometimes 92 5/8'). One of a series of wood or metal vertical structural members placed as supporting elements in walls and partitions.

Part-Time Student

Life Style / College / Part-Time Student: Defined as a student taking between 59 and 20 per cent of a full course load. A student with a permanent disability is considered to be a part-time student if he or she is taking between 39 and 20 per MORE

Alquist-Priolo Special Study Zone

Business / Real Estate / Alquist-Priolo Special Study Zone: A California law requiring a real estate agent or owner to disclose to prospective buyers that a property is located within a special studies zone (geological hazard zone) and if the property contains MORE

New Student

Life Style / College / New Student: A student who has never been a student at Greenville Technical College before. MORE