T Bar

Business / Construction / T Bar: Ribbed, 'T' shaped bars with a flat metal plate at the bottom that are driven into the earth. Normally used chain link fence poles, and to mark locations of a water meter pit.

Other Words for Bar

Bar Noun Synonyms: rod, shaft, pole, stick, stake
Bar Preposition Synonyms: except (for), excepting, excluding, barring, outside (of), save for, aside from, but
Bar Verb Synonyms: fasten, close up, secure, shut up, lock, lock up, padlock

Kelvin Temperature Scale

Science / Weather / Kelvin Temperature Scale: A temperature scale with the freezing point of +273°K (Kelvin) and the boiling point of +373° K. It is used primarily for scientific purposes. Also known as the Absolute Temperature Scale. Proposed MORE

Tour Shells

Life Style / Travel / Tour Shells: Brochures containing artwork, graphics and/or illustrations but bare of copy, which are overprinted by individual tour operators or wholesalers with their contact information. MORE

Wire Nut

Business / Construction / Wire Nut: A plastic device used to connect bare wires together. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Shelterbelt: A plant barrier of trees, shrubs, or other approved perennial vegetation designed to reduce wind erosion. Also called a windbreak. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Bard: (Welsh Bardd, Irish Bard) (1) An ancient Celtic poet, singer and harpist who recited heroic poems by memory. These bards were the oral historians, political critics, eulogizers, and entertainers of th MORE


Science / Chemistry / Barometer: An instrument that measures atmospheric pressure. A mercury barometer is a closed tube filled with mercury inverted in a mercury reservoir. The height of the mercury column indicates atmospheric press MORE