Business / Construction / Tee: A 'T' shaped plumbing fitting.

Committee On Uniform Securities Identifying Procedures (CUSIP)

Business / Taxes / Committee On Uniform Securities Identifying Procedures (CUSIP): The Committee on Uniform Securities Identifying Procedures (CUSIP) assigns codes and numbers to all securities traded in the United States. The CUSIP identification number is used to track the securit MORE

Tee Shot

Entertainment / Golf / Tee Shot: (also 'tee ball') a shot from the tee, the first shot on a hole MORE

Trustee In Bankruptcy

Business / Debt / Trustee In Bankruptcy: One appointed by a bankruptcy court, and in whom the property of the bankrupt vests. The trustee holds the property in trust, not for the bankrupt, but for the creditors. MORE

Carbon Steel

Business / Machine Shop / Carbon Steel: A broad term applied to tool steel other than high-speed or alloy steel. MORE

Pit Committee

Business / Finance / Pit Committee: A committee of the exchange that determines the daily settlement price of futures contracts. MORE


Life Style / Time Shares / Trustees: Trustees of a resort property exist primarily to provide a secure backing in case a resort developer does not succeed financially. In the timeshare world, trustees are a financial institution or group MORE