Business / Construction / Thermostat: A device which relegates the temperature of a room or building by switching heating or cooling equipment on or off.

Setback Thermostat

Business / Construction / Setback Thermostat: A thermostat with a clock which can be programmed to come on or go off at various temperatures and at different times of the day/week. Usually used as the heating or cooling system thermostat. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Electrics: Many motorcyclists ride in all kinds of weather conditions. Thus, riding is not just for fair weather. Some motorcyclists ride when it gets cold and sometimes regular apparel just isn't enough to keep MORE

Water Cooling

Technology / Motorcycle / Water Cooling: Also known as "liquid cooling," this system includes a radiator and fluid to dissipate heat. Liquid is constantly circulated between the radiator and motorcycle engine cylinders when the engine is ope MORE

Heat Trim

Business / Construction / Heat Trim: Work done by the Heating Contractor to get the home ready for the municipal Final Heat Inspection. This includes venting the hot water heater, installing all vent grills, registers, air conditioning s MORE

Zone Valve

Business / Construction / Zone Valve: A device, usually placed near the heater or cooler, which controls the flow of water or steam to parts of the building: it is controlled by a zone thermostat. MORE