Business / Construction / Turpentine: A petroleum, volatile oil used as a thinner in paints and as a solvent in varnishes

Wood Filler

Life Style / Painting / Wood Filler: There are two kinds of fillers-paste and liquid. Paste fillers are something like a very thick paint and are composed of some solid powdered substance, usually silica or powdered quartz, mixed with li MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Turpeny: An aromatic sensation created by a slightly volatile set of hydrocarbon compounds and nitrites found in coffee's aftertaste that produces either resinous sensations similar to turpentine or medicinal MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Glaze: Glossy surface produced on some (non resin coated) printing papers. It is achieved by placing a wet print to to a heated drum or clean polished surface. Glazed print produce denser medium blacks than MORE


Life Style / Painting / Beeswax: Has many uses in art, including: mixed with turpentine to make a wax polish for finishing oils, tempera and alkyds; mixed with varnish and turpentine to prepare a painting medium for oils; as a stiff MORE

Agricultural Adjustment Act Of 1938

Business / Agriculture / Agricultural Adjustment Act Of 1938: P.L. 75-430 (February 16, 1938) was enacted as an alternative and replacement for the farm subsidy policies found unworkable in the AAA legislation of 1933. The 1938 Act was the first to make price su MORE

Oil Reinforcement

Entertainment / Photography / Oil Reinforcement: Is a method of altering the tonal range of prints on matte or textured fiber papers. The dried print is rubbed with a medium consisting of two parts of turpentine to one of mastic varnish and one of l MORE