UL (Underwriters Laboratories)

Business / Construction / UL (Underwriters Laboratories): An independent testing agency that checks electrical devices and other components for possible safety hazards.


Science / Astrology / Occultation: From the Latin occultatio, a hiding; an eclipse of a planet. The term eclipse is usually applied to an occultation that hides the Sun or Moon from Earth's view; occultation describes eclipses that obs MORE

Oblique-Slip Fault

Science / Geology / Oblique-Slip Fault: A fault that combines some strike slip motion with some dip-slip motion. MORE

Number Assignment Module (NAM)

Technology / Cell Phones / Number Assignment Module (NAM): The NAM is the electronic memory in the cellular phone that stores the telephone number and an electronic serial number. Phones with dual- or multi-NAM features offer users the option of registering t MORE

Octet Rule

Science / Chemistry / Octet Rule: A guideline for building Lewis structures that states that atoms tend to gain, lose, or share valence electrons with other atoms in a molecule until they hold or share eight valence electrons. The oct MORE

One-Share-One-Vote Rule

Business / Finance / One-Share-One-Vote Rule: The principle that all shareholders should have equal voting rights in public companies and each shareholder should have one vote. MORE

Open Formulary

Health / Health Insurance / Open Formulary: The provision that drugs on the preferred list and those not on the preferred list will both be covered by a PBM or MCO. MORE