Business / Construction / W C: An abbreviation for water closet (toilet).

Boltzmann Constant

Science / Chemistry / Boltzmann Constant: A fundamental constant equal to the ideal gas law constant divided by Avogadro's number, equal to 1.3805 × 10-23 J K-1. MORE

Catch-Up Contribution

Business / Taxes / Catch-Up Contribution: You are entitled to make an annual catch-up contribution to your employer sponsored retirement savings plan and individual retirement account (IRA) if you’re 50 or older. The catch-up amounts, which MORE

Investment Tax Credit

Business / Finance / Investment Tax Credit: Proportion of new capital investment that could be used to reduce a company's tax bill (abolished in 1986). MORE

Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) Of 1933

Business / Agriculture / Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) Of 1933: P.L. 73-10 (May 12, 1933) was the New Deal initiative to assist the farm sector during the Great Depression. This was the first comprehensive effort to raise and stabilize farm prices and income. The MORE

Body-Mind Connection

Health / Pilates / Body-Mind Connection: The state of focusing the mind on the body's movements. To some extent Pilates represents a blend of Western and Eastern approaches to fitness: one is dynamic, stressing motion, strength, and muscle t MORE

Airport Check In Counter

Life Style / Travel / Airport Check In Counter: Every air terminal located inside an airport have a location designated for passenger and baggage check-in. Many check in counters are now combined with automated check in machines. MORE