Water Meter Pit (Or Vault)

Business / Construction / Water Meter Pit (Or Vault): The box /cast iron bonnet and concrete rings that contains the water meter.

Other Words for Pit

Pit Verb Synonyms: stone, seed, pip
Pit Noun Synonyms: hole, excavation, shaft, cavity, mine, mine-shaft, quarry, working, ditch, trench, trough

Other Words for Water

Water Noun Synonyms: H2O, distilled water, tap water, drinking-water, bottled water, spa water, still water, soda (water), effervescent water, mineral water, sea water, salt water, ditch-water, dishwater, bath-water, branch water, Adam's ale, Latin a


Entertainment / Baseball / Pitchout: When a pitch is thrown wide of the strike zone on purpose. A catcher will signal for a pitchout if they think that a runner is trying to steal. MORE


Science / Biology / Pith: Central area in plant stems, largely composed of parenchyma tissue modified for storage. MORE

Pitching Wedge

Entertainment / Golf / Pitching Wedge: (also 'wedge, p, pw, w' and more) a lofted short iron (usually next in chronological order after the 9 iron and somewhere between 47° and 52°) MORE

Pitching Rotation

Entertainment / Baseball / Pitching Rotation: The order in which the starting pitchers take turns starting games, usually with three or four days rest between starts. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Pitchfork: (also 'divot repair tool, ballmark repair tool') a small (usually) two-pronged fork-like tool used mainly for repairing the putting surface MORE

Pitching Niblick

Entertainment / Golf / Pitching Niblick: Archaic term for an 8 iron MORE