Window Sash

Business / Construction / Window Sash: The operating or movable part of a window: the sash is made of window panes and their border.

Window Frame

Business / Construction / Window Frame: The stationary part of a window unit: window sash fits into the window frame. MORE

Window Buck

Business / Construction / Window Buck: Square or rectangular box that is installed within a concrete foundation or block wall. A window will eventually be installed in this 'buck' during the siding stage of construction MORE


Business / Finance / Window: A sudden unexpected profit uncontrolled by the profiting party. MORE

Therapeutic Window

Science / Psychiatry / Therapeutic Window: A well-defined range of blood levels associated with optimal clinical response to antidepressant drugs, such as nortriptyline. Levels above or below that range are associated with a poor response. MORE

Basement Window Inserts

Business / Construction / Basement Window Inserts: The window frame and glass unit that is installed in the window buck. MORE

Storm Sash Or Storm Window

Business / Construction / Storm Sash Or Storm Window: An extra window usually placed outside of an existing one, as additional protection against cold weather. MORE