Business / Debt / Abandonment: The voluntary relinquishment of ownership by failure to use the property, coupled with intent to abandon.

Abandonment Option

Business / Finance / Abandonment Option: The option of terminating an investment earlier than originally planned. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Atonality: Total abandonment of tonality (centering in a key). Atonal music moves from one level of dissonance to another, without areas of relaxation. MORE

Great Stink

Health / Disease / Great Stink: (1858) The Great Stink or The Big Stink was a time in the summer of 1858 during which the smell of untreated sewage almost caused the abandonment of the biggest city in the world. MORE

Harvested Acres

Business / Agriculture / Harvested Acres: The cropland actually harvested for a particular crop, usually somewhat smaller at the national level than planted acres due to weather damage or abandonment because of low market prices. MORE