Business / Debt / Attachment: Means that goods held by the person in debt, eg a car, are 'frozen'. Anything that has been frozen ('attached') can be sold. The money raised is then handed over to the person who is owed the money.

Other Words for Attachment

Attachment Noun Synonyms: fastening, connection, tie, link, bond

Medium Attachment Unit (MAU)

Technology / Computers / Medium Attachment Unit (MAU): An Ethernet device used for sending and receiving transmissions between the AUI (Attachment Unit Interface) port of a station and the common medium of the Ethernet. MORE


Technology / Email / Attachments: These are files which you can send along with your email, for example, graphics files, word processing documents, spreadsheets, etc. Any file you want to send along with your email. Most free email pr MORE

Close-Up Attachment

Entertainment / Photography / Close-Up Attachment: Accessory that enables a camera to focus on subjects nearer than the lens normally allows. MORE

Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA)

Technology / Computers / Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA): This is a disk drive implementation developed by the Small Form Factor (SFF) Committee that integrates the controller on the disk drive itself. There are many versions of ATA, which include ATA: Also MORE

Epithelial Attachment

Health / Dentistry / Epithelial Attachment: The continuation of the succular epithelium that is joined to the tooth structure and is located at the base of the sulcus, or pocket. MORE

Attachment Disc

Science / Spiders / Attachment Disc: The series of tiny lines that serve to anchor the draglines of spiders. MORE