Business / Debt / Binding: For example, an agreement, which is binding cannot be legally avoided or stopped.

Binding Sites

Science / Biology / Binding Sites: Areas on the ribosome within which tRNA-amino acid complexes fit during protein synthesis. MORE

Binding Post Terminals

Technology / Home Audio / Binding Post Terminals: Are a sturdier, more versatile type of speaker jack, often found on higher-quality speakers and receivers, and on most amplifiers. They're threaded, so you can tighten them down against the wire or co MORE

Nuclear Binding Energy

Science / Chemistry / Nuclear Binding Energy: Energy needed to break an atomic nucleus into separate protons and neutrons. MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Consideration: A benefit or other item of value given to an individual who is asked to sign an employment contract or agreement (i.e., release agreement) that is above and beyond what the individual would have been MORE


Business / Real Estate / Contingency: A provision in a contract that requires a certain act to be done or a certain event to occur before the contract becomes binding. MORE


Business / Accounting / Encumbrance: A liability (eg. a mortgage is an encumbrance on a property). Also, any money set aside (ie. reserved) for any purpose. MORE