Business / Debt / Fee: A charge for services rendered

Other Words for Fee

Fee Verb Synonyms: charge, price, cost, fare, bill, tariff, toll, damage(s)
Fee Noun Synonyms: pay, payment, emolument, compensation, recompense, honorarium, remuneration, rate, wage(s), stipend, salary

Aged Coffee

Life Style / Coffee / Aged Coffee: Traditionally, coffee held in warehouses for several years, sometimes deliberately, sometimes inadvertently. Such aging reduces acidity and increases body. Aged coffee has been held longer than either MORE


Business / Agriculture / Feedlot: A confined cattle feeding facility where feeder cattle (usually less than a year old) are put on higher protein rations to prepare them for slaughter as fed cattle at 'good' or better grades. Commerci MORE

12B-1 Fees

Business / Finance / 12B-1 Fees: The percent of a mutual fund's assets used to defray marketing and distribution expenses. The amount of the fee is stated in the fund's prospectus. The SEC has recently proposed that 12B-1 fees in exc MORE

Cross Feed

Business / Machine Shop / Cross Feed: The feed that operates across the axis of the workpiece or at right angles to the main or principal feed on a machine. MORE

Surrender Fee

Business / Taxes / Surrender Fee: A surrender fee is the penalty you owe if you withdraw money from an annuity or mutual fund within a certain time period after purchase. The period is set by the seller. In the case of a mutual fund, MORE

Down Feed

Business / Machine Shop / Down Feed: A seldom used method of feeding work into milling cutters. The work is fed in the same direction as the portion of the cutter which comes in contact with it. MORE