Gross Income

Business / Debt / Gross Income: The scheduled (total) income, either actual or estimated, of a person before deductions. This for example could be a person's salary plus bonuses, plus benefits in kind (e.g. company car and medical insurance) plus income from shares etc.

Other Words for Gross

Gross Verb Synonyms: total, aggregate, entire, pre-tax, (all-)inclusive, overall, whole
Gross Adjective Synonyms: coarse, vulgar, crude, unsophisticated, uncultured, uncultivated, earthy, crass, indelicate, indecent, inappropriate, unseemly, improper, unrefined, bawdy, ribald, Rabelaisian, raw, rude, offensive, obscene, lewd, dirty, smutty, pornographic, filthy
Gross Noun Synonyms: fat, obese, corpulent, overweight, big, large, bulky, great, heavy, ponderous, massive, cumbersome, unwieldy

Other Words for Income

Income Adjective Synonyms: return, revenue(s), receipts, proceeds, profit(s), gain(s), takings

Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI)

Business / Taxes / Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI): Your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) is your adjusted gross income (AGI) plus deductions, such as college loan interest and contributions to a deductible individual retirement account (IRA), whi MORE

Personal Income

Business / Debt / Personal Income: Personal income is a person's total income which includes salary, transfer payments, dividend and interest income. MORE

Gross Estate

Business / Finance / Gross Estate: A person's total taxable income prior to adjustments. See: adjusted gross income. MORE

Pretax Income

Business / Taxes / Pretax Income: Pretax income, sometimes described as pretax dollars, is your gross income before income taxes are withheld. Any contributions you make to a salary reduction retirement plan, such as a 401(k) or 403(b MORE

Adjustments To Gross Income

Business / Accounting / Adjustments To Gross Income: Amounts deducted from the gross income of an individual taxpayer in arriving at adjusted gross income: includes contributions to individual retirement plans and alimony paid. MORE

Earned Income

Business / Accounting / Earned Income: Payment received for work, such as wages, salaries, commissions, and tips. MORE