Hire Purchase (HP)

Business / Debt / Hire Purchase (HP): The pre-agreed purchase of an asset where the asset e.g. computer is in your possession as long as repayments are kept to. Once enough payments are made, the asset becomes your property.

Other Words for Hire

Hire Noun Synonyms: rent, lease, engage, charter
Hire Adjective Synonyms: engage, employ, take on, appoint, enlist, sign on
Hire Verb Synonyms: rent, lease, charter, letting

Other Words for Purchase

Purchase Noun Synonyms: buy, acquire, procure, obtain, get, secure, pay for
Purchase Verb Synonyms: buy, acquisition

Purchase-Money Mortgage

Business / Finance / Purchase-Money Mortgage: A mortgage given by a buyer in lieu of cash when the buyer is unable to borrow commercially for the purchase of property. MORE

Purchase Returns And Allowances

Business / Accounting / Purchase Returns And Allowances: A contra-purchase account used for recording the return of, or allowances for, previously purchased merchandise. MORE

Purchaser Road Credits

Business / Agriculture / Purchaser Road Credits: Credits granted to purchasers of timber in the national forests in exchange for the construction of permanent roads specified in the timber sale contract. The amount of the credits is the Forest Servi MORE

Purchases Account

Business / Accounting / Purchases Account: An account in which all inventory purchases are recorded: used with the periodic inventory method. MORE

Purchases Journal

Business / Accounting / Purchases Journal: A special journal in which credit purchases are recorded. MORE

Purchase Order

Business / Finance / Purchase Order: A written order to buy specified goods at a stipulated price. MORE