Business / Debt / Instalment: The regular periodic payment that a borrower agrees to make to a lender.

En Primeur

Life Style / Wine / En Primeur: A system commonly associated with Bordeaux wine where the previous year's harvest is available for contract sales several months before the wine will be bottled and release. MORE


Business / Debt / Lender: A person or company that offers to lend money to a borrower for a given period of time. The borrower is obliged to repay the loan either by instalments or single payment together with specified intere MORE

Lump Sum

Business / Debt / Lump Sum: A sum of money paid in a single instalment. MORE


Business / Accounting / Amortization: The depreciation (or repayment) of an (usually) intangible asset (eg. loan, mortgage) over a fixed period of time. Example: if a loan of 12,000 is amortized over 1 year with no interest, the monthly p MORE

Corporation Tax (CT)

Business / Accounting / Corporation Tax (CT): The tax paid by a limited company on its profits. At present this is calculated at year end and due within 9 months of that date. From April 1999 Advanced Corporation Tax was abolished and large (UK) MORE