Business / Debt / Lease: A contract in which the legal owner of property or other asset agrees to another person using that property or asset in return for a regular specified payment (known as rent) over a set term. In addition to buildings, other items such as cars and computers are often leased in order to avoid capital costs in the running of a business.

Other Words for Lease

Lease Noun Synonyms: rental agreement or contract, sublease, sublet

Agricultural Lease

Business / Real Estate / Agricultural Lease: Agricultural landowners often lease their land to tenant farmers, who provide the labor to produce and bring in the crop. An owner can be paid by a tenant in one of two ways: an agreed cash in advance MORE

Break-Even Lease Payment

Business / Finance / Break-Even Lease Payment: The lease payment at which a party to a prospective lease is indifferent between entering and not entering into a lease arrangement. MORE

Lease Bonus

Science / Geology / Lease Bonus: Money paid to a mineral rights owner in exchange for granting a lease. This payment may be in addition to any rental or royalty payments. MORE