Limited (LTD)

Business / Debt / Limited (LTD): Ltd' after a company name indicates that the company is privately owned with 'limited liability' status. This means that the directors of the company are not liable for the company's debts if it goes bust. Nearly all newly-formed companies are incorporated as Ltd companies. If the number of shareholders in the company grows to 50 or more, the company changes to a 'plc' - public limited company, though this does not mean that their shares are publicly tradeable. Only companies that formally list their shares on the Stock Exchange are fully tradeable.

Other Words for Limited

Limited Verb Synonyms: circumscribed, restricted, fixed, predetermined, small, little, reduced, minimal

Limited-Tax General Obligation Bond

Business / Finance / Limited-Tax General Obligation Bond: A general obligation bond of a government backed by specified or constrained revenue sources. MORE

Master Limited Partnership (MLP)

Business / Finance / Master Limited Partnership (MLP): A publicly traded limited partnership. MORE

Private Limited Partnership

Business / Finance / Private Limited Partnership: A limited partnership with no more than 35 participants that is not registered with the SEC. MORE