Quick Assets

Business / Debt / Quick Assets: Cash and other assets which can or will be converted into cash fairly soon, such as accounts receivable and marketable securities; or equivalently, current assets minus inventory.

Other Words for Assets

Assets Noun Synonyms: property, resources, possessions, holdings, effects, capital, means, valuables, money, wealth

Other Words for Quick

Quick Verb Synonyms: rapid, fast, speedy, swift, fleet, expeditious, express
Quick Noun Synonyms: agile, lively, nimble, energetic, vigorous, alert, animated, keen, sharp, acute, spry, spirited, vivacious, rapid, swift
Quick Adjective Synonyms: excitable, touchy, testy, petulant, irascible, irritable, impatient

Acid-Test Ratio (Or Quick Ratio)

Business / Accounting / Acid-Test Ratio (Or Quick Ratio): A measure of a firm's ability to meet current liabilities: more restrictive than the current ratio, it is computed by dividing net quick assets (all current assets, except inventories and prepaid expe MORE

Quick Hook

Entertainment / Baseball / Quick Hook: Refers to a situation where the manager removes a pitcher in the early innings because the hurler is getting shelled. MORE

Quick Eight

Entertainment / Bowling / Quick Eight: An apparently good pocket hit that knocks down only eight pins, usually leaving the 4-7 or 6-10. MORE

Quick Kick

Entertainment / Football / Quick Kick: An unexpected punt. MORE

Quick Ratio

Business / Finance / Quick Ratio: Indicator of a company's financial strength (or weakness). Calculated by taking current assets less inventories, divided by current liabilities. This ratio provides information regarding the firm's li MORE

Quick Release (Terminal)

Technology / Home Audio / Quick Release (Terminal): A means for securing a wire conductor to a terminal connector that permits easy attachment and removal. In the usual form, this will involve a spring-loaded clip, which needs only to be pressed to eit MORE