Trust Deed

Business / Debt / Trust Deed: A form of debt relief where you're unable to pay your debts but have money tied up in assets, such as a house. Creditors can agree that you give everything you own to a trustee (usually an accountant) and sign a trust deed, which is legally binding. The trustee offers to pay your creditors as much as possible of what you owe them from the value of your assets. If it is a protected trust deed then the trust deed is a diligence stopper.

Other Words for Deed

Deed Noun Synonyms: act, action, performance

Other Words for Trust

Trust Noun Synonyms: confidence, reliance, faith, conviction, certitude, certainty, sureness, positiveness, assurance, belief

Fictitious Deed Of Trust

Business / Real Estate / Fictitious Deed Of Trust: Comprehensive master deeds of trust are established by lenders to cover all areas of trust deed finance. MORE


Business / Debt / Trustee: Usually an accountant (a qualified insolvency practitioner), a trustee acts for the creditors by managing the trust deed when a debtor agrees to sign over their assets into a trust deed or when they a MORE

Blanket Trust Deed

Business / Real Estate / Blanket Trust Deed: A trust deed secured by several properties or a number of lots. A blanket mortgage is often used to secure construction financing for proposed subdivisions or condominium development projects. The dev MORE