Business / Debt / Trustor: The borrower under a deed of trust is a trustor.


Business / Debt / Trustee: Usually an accountant (a qualified insolvency practitioner), a trustee acts for the creditors by managing the trust deed when a debtor agrees to sign over their assets into a trust deed or when they a MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Trust: When you believe the ball will come back from a position very close to the gutter. I am really trusting the ball. MORE

Trust Deed

Business / Debt / Trust Deed: A form of debt relief where you're unable to pay your debts but have money tied up in assets, such as a house. Creditors can agree that you give everything you own to a trustee (usually an accountant) MORE

Land Trusts

Business / Real Estate / Land Trusts: A few states permit the creation of land trusts, in which real estate is the only asset. As in all trusts, the title to the property is conveyed to a trustee, and the beneficial interest belongs to th MORE

Living Trust

Business / Real Estate / Living Trust: An arrangement in which a property owner (trustor) transfers assets to a trustee who assumes specified duties in managing the asset. After payment of operating expenses and trustees fees, the income g MORE

Deed Of Reconveyance

Business / Real Estate / Deed Of Reconveyance: A document used to transfer legal title from the trustee back to the borrower (trustor) after a debt secured by a deed of trust has been paid to the lender (beneficiary). MORE