Accounts Payable

Business / Finance / Accounts Payable: Money owed to suppliers.

Other Words for Payable

Payable Noun Synonyms: expenditure, disbursement, distribution, outlay, fee, contribution, charge, expense, payout
Payable Adjective Synonyms: result, outcome, upshot, conclusion, wind-up, settlement, final reckoning, punch-line, crunch, grand finale, kicker
Payable Verb Synonyms: due, owed, owing, outstanding, unpaid, receivable, mature


Business / Finance / Payables: Related: Accounts payable MORE

Account Payable

Business / Accounting / Account Payable: An amount owed to a supplier for good or services purchased on credit: payment is due within a short time period, usually 30 days or less. MORE

Nominal Accounts

Business / Accounting / Nominal Accounts: Accounts that are closed to a zero balance at the end of each accounting period: temporary accounts generally appearing on the income statement. MORE

Note Payable

Business / Accounting / Note Payable: A debt owed to a creditor, evidenced by an unconditional written promise to pay a certain sum of money on or before a specified future date. MORE

National Accounts

Health / Health Insurance / National Accounts: Large group accounts that have employees in more than one geographic area that are covered through a single national contract for health coverage. Contrast with large local groups. MORE

Mortgage Payable

Business / Accounting / Mortgage Payable: A written promise to pay a stated amount of money at one or more specified future dates: a mortgage is secured by the pledging of certain assets, usually real estate, as collateral. MORE