Business / Finance / Acquirer: A firm or individual that is acquiring something.

Tax Haven

Business / Finance / Tax Haven: A merger or consolidation in which (1) the acquirer's tax basis on each asset whose ownership is transferred in the transaction is generally the same as the acquiree's, and (2) each seller who receive MORE

Target Firm

Business / Finance / Target Firm: Often used in risk arbitrage. Firm chosen as an attractive takeover candidate by a potential acquirer. The acquirer may buy up to 5% of the target's stock without public disclosure, but it must report MORE

Proxy Fight

Business / Finance / Proxy Fight: Often used in risk arbitrage. Technique used by an acquiring company to attempt to gain control of a takeover target. The acquirer tries to persuade the shareholders of the target company that the pre MORE

White Sheets

Business / Finance / White Sheets: A friendly potential acquirer sought out by a target firm that is threatened by a less welcome suitor. MORE


Business / Finance / Bankmail: An agreement between a company engaged in a takeover bid and a bank that the bank will not finance the bid of another acquirer. MORE

Bear Hug

Business / Finance / Bear Hug: Often used in risk arbitrage. Hostile takeover attempt in which the acquirer offers an exceptionally large premium over the market value of the acquiree's share so as to as to squeeze (hug) the target MORE