Business / Finance / Agent: The decision-maker in a principal-agent relationship.

Other Words for Agent

Agent Noun Synonyms: representative, intermediary, go-between, proxy, emissary, delegate, spokesman, spokeswoman, spokesperson, deputy, substitute, surrogate, advocate, emissary, legate, envoy, factor

Principal-Agent Relationship

Business / Finance / Principal-Agent Relationship: Occurs when one person, an agent, acts on the behalf of another person, the principal. MORE

Universal Agent

Business / Real Estate / Universal Agent: A person empowered to do anything the principal could do personally. The universal agents authority to act on behalf of the principal is virtually unlimited. MORE

General Agent

Business / Real Estate / General Agent: One authorized by a principal to perform any and all acts associated with the continued operation of a particular job or a certain business of the principal. The essential feature of a general agency MORE

Sellers Agent

Business / Real Estate / Sellers Agent: An agent who represents the seller of real property. MORE

Designated Agent

Business / Real Estate / Designated Agent: A licensee authorized by a broker to act as the agent for a specific principal in a particular transaction. A designated agent is the only agent in the company who has a fiduciary responsibility towar MORE

International Airlines Travel Agent Network (Iatan)

Life Style / Travel / International Airlines Travel Agent Network (Iatan): International airlines travel agent network - administers the iatan card, the only widely accepted form of legitimate travel agent identification. MORE