Business / Finance / Angels: Individuals providing venture capital.

Hells Angels

Technology / Motorcycle / Hells Angels: Movie produced in 1930 by Howard Hughes. Also a B-17 squadron in WWII. The name was subsequently taken by a group of motorcyclists for their motorcycle club. This club has expanded and has many chapte MORE

Fallen Angels

Business / Finance / Fallen Angels: A sudden drop in a stock's price resulting from failed or poor business deals gone bad or falling through. MORE

Nativity Scene

Life Style / Christmas / Nativity Scene: Is a scene depicting Jesus’ birth. Usually Joseph and Mary are in a stable with shepherds and magi or wise men with gifts gathered around, angels on the roof and a star above the whole scene. Some n MORE

Twelfth Night

Life Style / Holiday / Twelfth Night: Many different Catholic congregations celebrate August 15 as a religious holiday for the Assumption of Mary. Portuguese call Mary Our Lady of Angels. Greeks may undertake a partial fast before celebra MORE

Fallen Angel

Business / Taxes / Fallen Angel: Corporate or municipal bonds that were investment-grade when they were issued but have been downgraded are called fallen angels. Bonds are downgraded by a rating service, such as Moody's Investors Ser MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Therianthropic: This adjective refers to any mixture of human and animal traits together in a single description. This leads to two general uses: (1) a poetic device akin to personification, but one in which animal t MORE