Around Us

Business / Finance / Around Us: Used in context of general equities. See: Away from you.

Other Words for Around

Around Preposition Synonyms: round, about, surrounding, encompassing, enveloping, encircling, on all sides of, in all directions from, enclosing
Around Adverb Synonyms: about, approximately, nearly, almost, roughly, circa

Nucleus (Atom)

Science / Biology / Nucleus (Atom): An atoms core; contains protons and one or more neutrons (except hydrogen, which has no neutrons). MORE


Science / Genetics / Nucleus: The cellular organelle in eukaryotes that contains most of the genetic material. MORE


Science / Biology / Nucleolus: A round or oval body in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell; consists of DNA and RNA and produces ribosomal RNA (pl.: nucleoli). MORE

Nuclear Fusion

Science / Chemistry / Nuclear Fusion: Combination of two smaller nuclei to form a larger nucleus. The larger nucleus has higher binding energy per nucleon than the original nuclei, and fusion results in the release of energy. MORE

Nucleus (Cell)

Science / Biology / Nucleus (Cell): The largest, most prominent organelle in eukaryotic cells; a round or oval body that is surrounded by the nuclear envelope and contains the genetic information necessary for control of cell structure MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Nuragus: Indigenous grapevine variety grown in S.W. Sardinia. Has several synonym names including Abbondosa and Axina. Used mainly as a dry varietal wine suitable for seafood dish accompaniment. MORE