Business / Finance / Ask: This is the quoted ask, or the lowest price an investor will accept to sell a stock. Practically speaking, this is the quoted offer at which an investor can buy shares of stock; also called the offer price.

Other Words for Ask

Ask Verb Synonyms: question, interrogate, query, quiz, inquire or enquire (of)

Face Mask

Entertainment / Football / Face Mask: A foul in which a player grabs the face mask or helmet opening of another player's helmet, usually in the process of making a tackle. It results in a 15 yard penalty. A 5-yard penalty was once enforce MORE

Alaskan Winds

Science / Weather / Alaskan Winds: The downslope air flow that blows through the Alaskan valleys. It is usually given local names, such as Knik, Matanuska, Pruga, Stikine, Taku, Take, Turnagain, or Williwaw. MORE

Alaskan Stream

Science / Tides and Currents / Alaskan Stream: A North Pacific Ocean current setting westward along the south side of the Aleutian Islands. It is an extension of the Alaska Current. MORE

Die Cast (Basket)

Technology / Home Audio / Die Cast (Basket): A type of speaker basket or frame that is cast as a single piece of relatively thick, rigid metal. This contrasts with a Stamped frame that is shaped by pressure, much like a car body fender. Cast met MORE


Life Style / Tea / Basket-Fired: Japanese tea that has been cured in baskets by firing or drying. MORE

Task Analysis

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Task Analysis: Involves defining standards and conditions of a particular task and identifying the distinguishing factors between tasks. MORE