Asset Classes

Business / Finance / Asset Classes: Categories of assets, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and foreign securities.

Other Words for Asset

Asset Noun Synonyms: talent, strength, advantage, resource, benefit

Asset Allocation

Business / Taxes / Asset Allocation: Asset allocation is a strategy, advocated by modern portfolio theory, for reducing risk in your investment portfolio in order to maximize return. Specifically, asset allocation means dividing your ass MORE

Asset Class

Business / Taxes / Asset Class: Different categories of investments are described as asset classes. Stock, bonds, and cash — including cash equivalents — are major asset classes. So are real estate, derivative investments, such MORE

Net Tangible Assets Per Share

Business / Finance / Net Tangible Assets Per Share: All of a company's assets except patents, trademarks, and other intangible assets minus all liabilities and the par value of preferred stock, divided by the number of shares outstanding. MORE

Non-Current Assets

Business / Finance / Non-Current Assets: Assets that are not convertible to cash within one year in the normal course of business. Property and Goodwill are examples of non-current assets. See also current assets. MORE

Net Quick Assets

Business / Finance / Net Quick Assets: Cash, marketable securities, and accounts receivable less current liabilities. MORE

Net Assets (Owners Equity)

Business / Accounting / Net Assets (Owners Equity): The ownership interest in the assets of an entity: equal total assets minus total liabilities. MORE