At Par

Business / Finance / At Par: A price equal to nominal or face value of a security. See: Par.

Other Words for Par

Par Verb Synonyms: level, rank, standing, scale, standard
Par Noun Synonyms: standard, normal, average, expected

Quotation Music

Entertainment / Music / Quotation Music: Music that parodies another work or works, presenting them in a new style or guise. MORE

Natural Levee

Science / Geology / Natural Levee: A mound of sediment that parallels a stream channel forming a levee-like deposit. When flood waters leave the normal stream channel and enter the flood plain there is a reduction of velocity that caus MORE

Fixed Base Operator (FBO)

Technology / Aviation / Fixed Base Operator (FBO): An airport-based business that parks, services, fuels, and may repair aircraft: often rents aircraft and provides flight training. The term was coined to differentiate FBOs from businesses or individu MORE


Science / Biology / Parasitism: A form of symbiosis in which the population of one species benefits at the expense of the population of another species; similar to predation, but differs in that parasites act more slowly than predat MORE


Technology / Motors / Stator: That part of an AC induction motor's magnetic structure which does not rotate. It usually contains the primary winding. The stator is made up of laminations with a large hole in the center in which th MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Par: To a professional bowler, a 200 game. See also over; under. MORE