Business / Finance / Autex: Video communication network through which brokerage houses alert institutional investors of their desire to transact block business (a purchase or sale) in a given security. Indications transmit small, medium, and large sizes only, with occasional limits mentioned. Supers are messages with specific size and price included. Both 'indications' and 'supers' can be only seen by customers (institutional subscribers to Autex). Trade recaps, advertised block trades entered by the dealer/subscribers, are also displayed, but can be seen by both institutions and dealers. See: Expunge, size.

No Autex

Business / Finance / No Autex: Used in the context of general equities. 'No buy or sell interest should be entered into the Autex (advertising) system.' Inquirers do not want exposure of an inquiry to affect the price at which they MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Out: A declaration by the umpire that a player who is trying for a base is not entitled to that base. MORE


Business / Finance / Ex-Rights: Used in the context of general equities. Remove any trace of an Autex indication's existence at any time. See: Cancel. MORE