Average Daily Balance

Business / Finance / Average Daily Balance: A method for calculating interest in which the balance owed each day by a customer is divided by the number of days. See also: Adjusted balance method and previous balance method.

Other Words for Average

Average Adjective Synonyms: normal, common,ual, customary, general, typical, ordinary, regular
Average Noun Synonyms: mean, norm,ual, standard

Other Words for Balance

Balance Verb Synonyms: weigh, estimate, ponder, consider, deliberate, assess, compare, evaluate
Balance Noun Synonyms: scale(s), steelyard

Other Words for Daily

Daily Adjective Synonyms: ordinary, common, commonplace, everyday, routine, regular
Daily Noun Synonyms: diurnal, circadian, everyday, quotidian

Average Equity

Business / Finance / Average Equity: A customer's average daily balance in a trading account at a brokerage firm. MORE

Adjusted Balance Method

Business / Finance / Adjusted Balance Method: Method of calculating finance charges that uses the account balance remaining after adjusting for all transactions posted during the given billing period as its basis. Related: Average daily balance m MORE

Goals Against Average

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Goals Against Average: The average number of goals given up per 60-minute game by a goaltender or a team within a given period of time. The average is computed by dividing goals against by minutes played and multiplying the MORE

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Life Style / College / Grade Point Average (GPA): A student's grade point average is the equivalent of his or her average for curriculum course work. Each letter grade has an equivalent point value: A = 4 points, B = 3 points, C = 2, D = 1 and F = 0. MORE

Face Balanced

Entertainment / Golf / Face Balanced: A method of weighting a putter so that when the shaft is balanced on the finger the face points generally upward MORE

Fund Balance

Business / Loan / Fund Balance: Net worth in a nonprofit organization; total assets minus total liabilities. MORE