Business / Finance / Away: A trade, quote, or market that does not originate with the dealer in question, e.g., 'the bid is 98-10 away from me.'

Home And Away

Entertainment / Football / Home And Away: A method of scheduling opponents, such that the two teams play one game at each team's home stadium. In college football, conferences such as the Big12, where a team does not play all the other teams MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Takeaway: The beginning of the backswing, the initial movement of the club away from the ball and target MORE

Callaway Handicap System

Entertainment / Golf / Callaway Handicap System: (also 'callaway scoring system') a system of creating 'fair' handicaps for a one-time event in which many players do not have verifiable or established handicaps (more on tournament formats) MORE

Fade Away

Entertainment / Basketball / Fade Away: A fade away shot is variation on a set jump shot in which the shooter attempts his shot leaning backward, creating the effect of 'fading away' from his defender. This makes it more difficult for the d MORE

Away From Us

Business / Finance / Away From Us: Used in context of general equities, to characterize role of a competing broker/dealer. Trading away from us signifies that stock is bought and/or sold with institutions using other trading firms. MORE

Away From The Market

Business / Finance / Away From The Market: In context of general equities, out of line with the inside market at this time, such as when a bid on a limit order is lower or the offer price is higher than the current market price for the securit MORE