Axe To Grind

Business / Finance / Axe To Grind: Used in context of general equities. Involvement in a security, whether through a position, order, or inquiry.

Other Words for Grind

Grind Noun Synonyms: sharpen, whet, file, smooth, polish
Grind Verb Synonyms: gnash, grit, grate
Grind Adjective Synonyms: pound, powder, pulverize, abrade, crush, granulate, mill, grate, rasp, crumble, kibble, mash, triturate, bray, comminute

Pull-In Torque

Technology / Motors / Pull-In Torque: The maximum constant torque which a synchronous motor will accelerate into synchronism at rated voltage and frequency. MORE

Pull-Up Torque

Technology / Motors / Pull-Up Torque: The minimum torque developed by an AC motor during the period of acceleration from zero to the speed at which breakdown occurs. For motors which do not have a definite breakdown torque, the pull-up to MORE


Health / Dentistry / Pulpectomy: Removal of the entire pulp from the canals in the root. MORE

Puerto Rico Block Grant

Business / Agriculture / Puerto Rico Block Grant: A federal nutrition assistance grant program provided in lieu of the regular food stamp program in Puerto Rico. MORE

Puerto Rico

Life Style / Coffee / Puerto Rico: Yauco coffees from Puerto Rico are a revived specialty origin that, at best, display the qualities that made Jamaica Blue Mountain famous: A deep, vibrant, yet restrained acidity and balanced, gently MORE

Public Elevators

Business / Agriculture / Public Elevators: Grain elevators in which bulk storage of grain is provided for the public for a fee. Grain of the same grade but owned by different persons is usually mixed or commingled as opposed to storing it 'ide MORE