BD Form

Business / Finance / BD Form: An SEC required document of brokerage houses that outlines the firm's finances and officers.

Other Words for Form

Form Noun Synonyms: blank, model, format, frame, framework, course, procedure, order, regimen, method, system, ritual, formula, rule(s), practice, technique, way, means, approach, mode, fashion, manner, style
Form Adjective Synonyms: shape, configuration, conformation, order, organization, arrangement, formation, construction, structure, construct, frame, cut, cast, mould, pattern, appearance, manifestation
Form Verb Synonyms: acquire, develop, cultivate, contract, get

Performance-Based Pay

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Performance-Based Pay: A variable pay strategy that pays employees based on their individual performance and contributions, rather than the value of the job they are performing. MORE

Performance Stock

Business / Finance / Performance Stock: High-growth stock in a company that retains earnings for further growth and therefore pays no dividends, but that an investor feels has significant future potential. MORE

Performance Standards

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Performance Standards: The tasks, functions or behavioral requirements established by the employer as goals to be accomplished by an employee. MORE

Personal Information Destination (PID)

Business / Internet Marketing / Personal Information Destination (PID): There are millions of pages of information on the web, but if you are looking for a specific item, there is only one page -- or very few -- that contains exactly the information you need. That's your MORE

Pilates Performer

Health / Pilates / Pilates Performer: The apparatus is the home version of the Universal Performer. It provides a wide range of exercises, from simple to intermediate, in order to develop the Powerhouse. It contains straps, springs, and a MORE

Platform Game

Entertainment / Video Games / Platform Game: A game that requires you to jump on platforms of various sizes. These games also typically involve collecting items and jumping on enemies. Examples include Super Mario Bros (NES) and Sonic the Hedgeh MORE