Base Currency

Business / Finance / Base Currency: Applies mainly to international equities. Currency in which gains or losses from operating an international portfolio are measured.

Other Words for Base

Base Verb Synonyms: establish, found, secure, build, ground, anchor, fix, hinge, form, derive, draw
Base Adjective Synonyms: low, undignified, cowardly, selfish, mean, despicable, contemptible, filthy, evil
Base Noun Synonyms: bottom, foot, support, stand, pedestal

Kilobase (KB)

Science / Genetics / Kilobase (KB): Unit of length for dna fragments equal to 1000 nucleotides. MORE

Knowledge-Based Pay

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Knowledge-Based Pay: A salary differentiation system that bases compensation on an individual’s education, experience, knowledge, skills or specialized training. Also referred to as skill-based pay. MORE

Left On Base

Entertainment / Baseball / Left On Base: Runners stranded on base after three outs. MORE

Intelligent Roaming Database (IRDB)

Technology / Cell Phones / Intelligent Roaming Database (IRDB): A list of acceptable and unacceptable networks for a phone to roam with stored either on a SIM card or in the phone. MORE

Home-Based Worker

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Home-Based Worker: An employee who works from a home office rather than at a physical workspace at the employer’s location. MORE

Google Base

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Google Base: Free database of semantically structured information created by Google. Google Base may also help Google better understand what types of information are commercial in nature, and how they should struc MORE