Business / Finance / Behind: Used for listed equity securities. At the same price but entered after your order/interest, such as on the specialist's book. Antithesis of ahead of you.

Behind The Net

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Behind The Net: The area of ice behind the goal cage is legal territory. MORE

Behind-The-Counter Drugs

Health / First Aid / Behind-The-Counter Drugs: Behind-the-counter medications are not exactly over-the-counter or prescription medications. MORE


Entertainment / Basketball / Behind-The-Back: Behind-the-back passes are passes dealt to a target behind the passer's back. Usually done to confuse the defender, behind the back passes can either be bounced off the floor or passed directly to a t MORE

Behind The Back Dribble

Entertainment / Basketball / Behind The Back Dribble: A basic move in which the ballhandler simply bounces the ball behind the back to the opposite hand, but note that the ball is not intended to go around the body as in the basic 'wraparound.' This move MORE

Checking From Behind

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Checking From Behind: This is an illegal check. A check delivered on a player who is not aware of the impending hit, and therefore can?­t defend himself. The contact must be made on the back part of the body. However, if MORE

More Behind It

Business / Finance / More Behind It: Used in the context of general equities. More stock exists to be bought or sold by the same buyer or seller, respectively. Often, the buyer or seller does not disclose the full size of its buy or sell MORE