Below Par

Business / Finance / Below Par: Less than the nominal or face value of a security.

Other Words for Below

Below Preposition Synonyms: under, underneath, beneath
Below Adverb Synonyms: lower down, further down, farther down

Other Words for Par

Par Verb Synonyms: level, rank, standing, scale, standard
Par Noun Synonyms: standard, normal, average, expected

Under Par

Entertainment / Golf / Under Par: (also 'subpar') less than or below par MORE


Health / Dentistry / Participant: A person who is eligible to receive health benefits under a health benefits plan. This term may refer to the employee, spouse or other dependents. MORE

Partible Succession

Entertainment / Literature / Partible Succession: The opposite of primogeniture, partible succession is the practice in which all the children share equally in an inheritance. Under this legal system, if a property-owner or king dies, the deceased's MORE

Partial Zoning

Business / Real Estate / Partial Zoning: Zoning that does not consider its effect on other areas. MORE

Partial Vaccuum

Science / Chemistry / Partial Vaccuum: A volume that contains traces of gas at very low pressure. MORE

Participant ID

Health / Dentistry / Participant ID: The unique identifier associated with a participant. MORE