Business / Finance / Beneath: Used for listed equity securities. 1) Behind; 2) Lower in price.

Other Words for Beneath

Beneath Adverb Synonyms: low or lower down, below, under, underneath
Beneath Preposition Synonyms: under, underneath, below


Entertainment / Literature / Cellerage: The hollow area beneath a Renaissance stage--known in Renaissance slang as 'hell' and entered through a trapdoor called a 'hellmouth.' The voice of the ghost comes from this area in Hamlet, which has MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Underworld: The land of the dead--often depicted as beneath the surface of the earth in a variety of religious literatures. See Descent Into the Underworld. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Macron: A diacritical mark in the form of a horizontal line indicating the vowel beneath it is long. MORE

Keystone Species

Science / Marine Biology / Keystone Species: A predator at the top of a food web, or discrete subweb, capable of consuming organisms of more than one trophic level beneath it MORE

Coriolis Effect

Science / Marine Biology / Coriolis Effect: The deflection of air or water bodies, relative to the solid earth beneath, as a result of the earth's eastward rotation MORE

Peasants Revolt

Entertainment / Literature / Peasants Revolt: Also known as Wat Tyler's Rebellion, this uprising occurred in 1387 when lower-class Londoners and workers from the surrounding areas, fed up with repressive government measures such as the Labor Stat MORE