Beneficial Ownership

Business / Finance / Beneficial Ownership: Often used in risk arbitrage. Person who enjoys the benefits of ownership even though title is in another name. (Abused through the illegal use of a parking violation.)

Other Words for Beneficial

Beneficial Adjective Synonyms: advantageous, serviceable,eful, profitable, helpful, supportive, favorable, constructive, good


Business / Debt / Ownership: Rights to the use, enjoyment, and alienation of property, to the exclusion of others. Concerning real property, absolute rights are rare, being restricted by zoning laws, restrictions, liens, etc. MORE

Holiday Ownership

Life Style / Time Shares / Holiday Ownership: Synonymous with vacation ownership, another term for timeshare. MORE

Fractional Ownership

Life Style / Time Shares / Fractional Ownership: Timeshare ownership of two or more weeks at the same resort during a calendar year. Generally defined as ownership in intervals of more than one week and less than whole ownership. 'Fractionals' are a MORE

Public Ownership

Business / Finance / Public Ownership: The portion of a company's stock that is held by the public. MORE

Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)

Business / Accounting / Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO): The real amount an asset will cost. Example: An accounting application retails at $1000. Support - which is mandatory, costs a further $200 per annum. Assuming the software will be in use for 5 years, MORE

Vacation Ownership

Life Style / Time Shares / Vacation Ownership: Synonymous with 'timeshare' MORE