Bidding Buyer

Business / Finance / Bidding Buyer: In the context of general equities, a nonaggressive buyer who prefers to await a natural seller in the hope of paying a lower price.

Other Words for Bidding

Bidding Noun Synonyms: invitation, summons

Other Words for Buyer

Buyer Noun Synonyms: customer, consumer, client, purchaser

Bidding Through The Market

Business / Finance / Bidding Through The Market: In the context of general equities, aggressive willingness to purchase a security at a premium to the inside market. Contrast with bidding buyer. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Exclusive-Buyer-Agency-Agreement: This is a completely exclusive agency agreement. The buyer is legally bound to compensate the agent whenever the buyer purchases a property of the type described in the contract. The broker is entitle MORE

Keyword Bidding

Business / Internet Marketing / Keyword Bidding: Keyword Bidding is the process or method used by search engines marketers to determine the ranking of paid keywords results in AOL, Google, MSN, Yahoo, and other search engines that require pay per cl MORE


Business / Real Estate / Exclusive-Agency-Buyer-Agency-Agreement: Similar to the exclusive buyer agency agreement, this is an exclusive contract between the buyer and the agent. However, this agreement limits the brokers right to payment. The broker is entitled to p MORE

Must-Buy Buyers

Business / Real Estate / Must-Buy Buyers: Buyers looking for properties that meet specific needs. MORE

Estimated Buyers Costs

Business / Real Estate / Estimated Buyers Costs: An estimate of the buyers total cash requirements to purchase real property. A realistic estimate of all costs and payments based on the buyers offer. MORE