Big Bang

Business / Finance / Big Bang: The term applied to the liberalization in 1986 of the London Stock Exchange (L.S.E.) when trading was automated.

Other Words for Big

Big Adjective Synonyms: large, great, grand, huge, enormous, immense, gigantic, giant, tremendous, colossal, Brobdingnagian, jumbo, socking or whacking big or great, humongous
Big Adverb Synonyms: pompously, boastfully, conceitedly, arrogantly, pretentiously

Big Serve

Entertainment / Tennis / Big Serve: A forceful serve, usually giving an advantage in the point for the server. MORE

Big Show

Entertainment / Baseball / Big Show: The Major Leagues (also, called just "the Show’) MORE

Big Three

Entertainment / Bowling / Big Three: 1-2-3 (front TRIANGLE) (Missed the BIG THREE, etc.). MORE

Big Producer

Business / Finance / Big Producer: A successful broker who generates a large volume of commission. See Rainmaker. MORE

Big Picture

Business / Finance / Big Picture: To highlight trading interest due to the size of the trade. MORE

Big Four

Entertainment / Bowling / Big Four: The 4-6-7-10 split, see also Big Ears. MORE