Big Producer

Business / Finance / Big Producer: A successful broker who generates a large volume of commission. See Rainmaker.

Other Words for Big

Big Adjective Synonyms: large, great, grand, huge, enormous, immense, gigantic, giant, tremendous, colossal, Brobdingnagian, jumbo, socking or whacking big or great, humongous
Big Adverb Synonyms: pompously, boastfully, conceitedly, arrogantly, pretentiously

Other Words for Producer

Producer Noun Synonyms: (inain) director, auteur, impresario, regisseur, (in and Canada) entrepreneur, (business or financial) manager, organizer, impresario
Producer Verb Synonyms: maker, manufacturer, fabricator, processor, creator, grower, farmer


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Bigolona: No other details other than it is reported to be a black-skinned local variety grown in the Verona district of Veneto province, N.W. Italy. MORE

Executive Producer

Entertainment / Video Games / Executive Producer: A high-level manager (one step below a Vice President) responsible for managing producers. MORE

Fry A Bigger Fish

Business / Finance / Fry A Bigger Fish: A disciplinary action taken by the Federal Reserve Board for some violation of Regulation T, an individual investor cannot sell securities until they are paid for in full and certificates delivered. MORE

Big Uglies

Business / Finance / Big Uglies: Unpopular stocks. MORE

Big Twin

Technology / Motorcycle / Big Twin: Any Harley Davidson brand motorcycle that is not a Sportster. MORE

Big Serve

Entertainment / Tennis / Big Serve: A forceful serve, usually giving an advantage in the point for the server. MORE