Blind Pool

Business / Finance / Blind Pool: A limited partnership that does not announce its intentions as to what properties will be acquired.

Other Words for Blind

Blind Verb Synonyms: deceive, blindfold, blinker, bamboozle, hoodwink, fool
Blind Noun Synonyms: shade, curtain, screen, cover, shutter(s), awning
Blind Adjective Synonyms: sightless, eyeless, unsighted, purblind, stone-blind

Other Words for Pool

Pool Noun Synonyms: syndicate, trust, group, consortium, cartel, combine
Pool Adjective Synonyms: pond, lake, tarn, mere, lagoon, swimming-pool, leisure pool, wading pool, paddling pool, wading pool, natatorium

Multiple-Issuer Pools

Business / Finance / Multiple-Issuer Pools: Under the GNMA-II program, pools formed through the aggregation of individual issuers' loan packages. MORE

Number Pooling

Technology / Cell Phones / Number Pooling: Increasingly popular tactic for conserving phone numbers. Numbers are returned by all carriers to a central authority, which puts them in a pool, from which carriers receive numbers in lots of 1,000, MORE

Mortgage Pool

Business / Finance / Mortgage Pool: A group of mortgages with similar class, interest rate, and maturity characteristics. MORE

Modem Pools

Technology / Cell Phones / Modem Pools: Racks of modems used to deliver reliable cellular data communications. MORE

Internal Temporary Pool Employee

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Internal Temporary Pool Employee: A pool of former employees who are called upon and hired to fill temporary staffing needs on an as-needed basis. MORE

Liverpool Poets

Life Style / Poetry / Liverpool Poets: A 1960s group of popular writers from the west-england city of liverpool, including adrian henri, roger mcgough, and brian patten. MORE