Blocked Currency

Business / Finance / Blocked Currency: A currency that is not freely convertible to other currencies due to exchange controls.

Foreign Currency

Business / Finance / Foreign Currency: NYSE members who trade in foreign bonds on the floor. MORE

Foreign Currency Forward Contract

Business / Finance / Foreign Currency Forward Contract: Money of another country from one's own. MORE

Foreign Currency Futures Contract

Business / Finance / Foreign Currency Futures Contract: Agreement that obligates its parties to exchange given quantities of currencies at a prespecified exchange rate on a certain future date. MORE

Foreign Currency Option

Business / Finance / Foreign Currency Option: Standardized and easily transferable obligation between two parties to exchange currencies at a specified rate during a specified delivery month; standardized contract on specified underlying currenci MORE

European Currency Unit (ECU)

Business / Finance / European Currency Unit (ECU): Bank created to monitor the monetary policy of the 11 countries that have converted to the Euro from their local currencies. The 11 countries are: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, MORE

Eurocurrency Market

Business / Finance / Eurocurrency Market: A short-term fixed-rate time deposit denominated in a currency other than the local currency (i.e., U.S. dollars deposited in a London bank). MORE