Business / Finance / Bogey: The return an investment manager is compared to for performance evaluation.

Bogey Rating

Entertainment / Golf / Bogey Rating: Like a course rating but based on the ability of a bogey golfer rather than a scratch golfer (the bogey rating is a number used to calculate the slope rating of a course) MORE

Double Bogey

Entertainment / Golf / Double Bogey: A score of two over (more than) par for a hole MORE

Bogey Golfer

Entertainment / Golf / Bogey Golfer: A player whose handicap is about 20 for men (between 17.5 and 22.4) and about 24 for women (between 21.5 and 26.4), according to usga standards at the time of this writing MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Snowman: A score of 8 on a hole (most commonly a quadruple bogey on a par 4) MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Stableford: A system of scoring where a player's score is based on points earned rather than absolute number of strokes taken (e.g., in the international tournament on the pga tour, par = 0 points, birdie = 2, ea MORE


Business / Construction / Slope: The incline angle of a roof surface, given as a ratio of the rise (in inches) to the run (in feet). See also pitch. MORE